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By: Robert Brasington

DESCRIPTION:The workshop the construction of kites using a concentric graphic of ever decreasing shapes. They have long Organza tails and fly in a wide wind range from 6kph up to 30kph safely. They can also be trained. They each have 5 colours including a black surround in the head. The frame is a combination of carbon and fibreglass rods.

SIZE: The head of the kite is 1400mm high by about 650mm wide. The tails are 5M long.

DURATION: 8 Hours.

COST: $75 Ausd.

GENERAL COMMENTS: This is an interesting and original method of relief appliqué where the participant refers back to the original template to build up the colour profile in the head of the kite.
The participants will need a functional sewing machine and related items and the class will need basic kite making tool and items for group use.
The project focuses on the unique appliqué technique and as well as the handling of Organza.
All hardware is supplied and where applicable, some panels are pre-cut to save time at the workshop. There is a simple workshop assembly manual which enables participants to complete the project at a later date. Participants are encouraged to pre-choose colour ways prior to the workshop.
This kite is highly recommended as a workshop project. The kite flies in a wide range of wind conditions and there is high degree of participant satisfaction on completion

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